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Why does god let us suffer?


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To make us stronger.

Anonymous | on Jan 23, 2011

To test your faith in him.

cojo:) | on Jan 23, 2011

God doesn't make us suffer he is good all the time we live in this world that's why we suffer

Anonymous | on Jan 23, 2011

Gid doesn't let us suffer: if we r suffering it is because we r living in sin we r more interested in "having fun" n we don't really commit ourselves to Christ so that means that we r the cause for our own suffering.. The other thing that could be happening is that we r following God's ways and that's when the enemy wants us to disbelief, that suffering is called obstacles that we will confront but if we stick to God, He won't let anything bad happen to us n at last we will be saved and happy for all eternity! I understand that sometimes it's hard to digest all of this but remember to pray n have faith also read th bible it'll help u! Lord I pray u r always with this ur child, don't leave him alone and answer all of his doubts, father make him company n make ur holy spirit be always with hm. Amen!

andrea_ats | on Jan 23, 2011

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