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My husband has gone of his mess and become verbally abusive after I spent all my savings for us to buy a home we set on his family property. He now says the land is never going in our names so that if we separate I will not have it. I'm wanting to leave because the cruelty is escalating. We have 4 kids. One is disabled. I feel like God just left me hanging.


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Don't hesitate to see a lawyer. Save all your paperwork that you had for your savings. Most states are 50/50. If I were you; I would go immediately and get everything you can. File for divorce and put a restraining order on him and not to see ThE kids(if he is mean to them too and abusive). Keep his butt out of your home and get custody for TGE kids too. If he is abusive to them, file for sole custody. You don't have to take abuse that you feel so bad and I wouldn't even talk you to try and stay. Do it first cause he would do IT to you (he mentioned divorce first) Protect you and your children. I think when you are old enough to file ss you can draw on him and if he dies you could draw from his ss too.good luck and we will pray for your safety and well being.

I Believe | on Jan 23, 2011

Oh and if you do see a lawyer and file- get a man lawyer who is a mean one-on-one reputation lawyer wise and absolutely do not share a lawyer with him! You will get "screwed" if you do. Sorry to be so coarse.

I Believe | on Jan 23, 2011

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