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Lord I stand in-front of you today to pray for my brothers and sisters on this app since this morning I have been goin thru their prayers! Jesus I see that basically most of us are goin thru the same thing we are struggling in a time of troubles! Lord I want for each of them to know that these are just bumps in the road of live but this is the time to stay strong in our faith and not to get scared because you are with us Jesus may they see clearly that at the end of the bump you are there waiting to pick us up! We have hope becuz we are believers and I can't imagine a life without you my God it must be a dark lonely road into the Abis! But we as believes all we have to do is ride the wave cuz at the end we have you to lift us! Brothers and sister this is the time to stand strong and together in our faith! And when the Lord answers our prayer no matter how little give testimony so that we may give hope to others! Let's hold each other up in prayer and pray for one another! Prayer works and it's the biggest give the Lord gave us! We are all living time of trouble you are not alone and those that are not give thanks to him and pay it forward if you can bless someone with a job, food, pay a bill for some one that is going thru hardship do it in the name of Jesus please if you can give in times like these do it please! Let's live in fellowship don't turn your back on someone knowing that you can help! This will bless you and your family and show the Lord that you are walking in his steps! Please my people don't be scared I myself who walk in faith had a big slip this week and gave in to the negative that surrounds me and for this I am so sorry Lord! This is the moment no matter what your circumstance is to stay strong in your faith and your believes because being negative just makes a bad situation worst! Let's all see the big blessing that are coming our way after this storm passes! And with all my heart and faith I know the sun will be breaking thru soon! And we will have calm and peace! Because God is with us and he never gives us more than we can handle! Does without jobs don't worry you will have a better job! The sick you will be heal! Those marriages that broke because of the pressure you will be restored, the lonely remember you are not alone Jesus us with you just ask him for a friend! I believe that if we all pray together my friends we can change each and everyone of our circumstances! Because there is nothing in thus world more powerful then prayer as long as we believe what we are praying on an do it with all the faith in our hearts! We have an army rite hear do you want to be a soldier in the army of the Lord! Please join me all I want is you to pray with me, let me know! Remember that when there are 2 or more agreeing in prayer God is in the midst! So if we all get together can you imagine how many moutains we can move! Lord let my friends read this prayer Jesus please touch there hearts! I pray with all my heart in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost! Amen! All the praise and glory is for you my God! I thank you Jesus for all the prayers you are about to answer starting at this very moment my Lord! Amen and Amen!

by ibis y colon

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Beautiful words to our Father

OneofHis | on Jan 22, 2011

yes beautful and yes when ther is 2 or more agreeing in prayer god is the mitst and i need prayer am 19 dot now wod to do wod my life am asking god to show me hes wll in am asking the lort to breng a man in to my life dat wll love me
but i jest dont now wod to do wod my life i need god to open doors and show me the way tuer so plz pray for me to and you or in my prayer to lats all come in prayer

coco | on Jan 22, 2011

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