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Plz brothers n sisters I need advice I been w my husband for 8yrs we have 2 daughters ages 6 n 7 I am very young 23.we been having problems he cheated on me recently n it turns out his been doin it since we been together all along.his changed a lot but it just seems no matter how hard he trys he always ends up cheating not only w one but two w him cuz I dnt have no were to go no job nobody to turn to.I do realize I have to leave this relationship bcuz It's killing me am always depress calling him.n am thinking to hurtin myself It's too much I can't take it no more I love him so much he was my first n only one I been w him since I was 15.I know wat it feels growing up with out a dad n I dnt want my lil ones to go thru da same.about 2weeks ago he gave his life to da lord but I dnt trust him at ALL! should I give it another try or walk out w my babies?I am desperate ,lonley,heart broken,I feel destroyed,defeated by life no hopes or dreams wat so ever!

by Ana05

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I will totally pray for u ,I'm sorry for what's going on in ur life

OneofHis | on Jan 22, 2011

Sister I know the pain u have in ur heart how heavy it feels. But I also knw that our Daddy can heal our hearts he has healed mine and still in the process, I can definately tell u my hearts not heavy anymore. And about ur husband if he gave he's life to the lord that's a start and watever the outcome might b u will b able to withstand it through ur healing I know I've been there God will restore ur self esteem.just keep praying sis even when its hard. God bless you!!!

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2011

Oh my ...this sounds so similar to what I went through ..back then my prayer life was weak if I knew then what I know now I would have talk to God and believed that he does work miracles..I would not have tried to hurt myself and just believed that I am precious in the eyes if God my father and that God can and will fight all my battles for me because I am his child and he loves me more than I love myself ..I would write Proverbs 3:5 on my heart (TRUST in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding . In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your path.) My sister in Christ ...Trust God...Ask Believing...Know that I Love You ...of Course Jesus Loves you More

Naomi/My Joy | on Jan 22, 2011

Oh and sis I'm proud of u given ur life to the lord at a young age that the best choice ever. I wish I would have at that age, but I always thought I was losing out on somthin. In reality I was JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2011

When the moment is right you will know exactly what to do.

Hopeful | on Jan 22, 2011

My advise for u is to leave leave out on faith ask god to guide in the rite direction when u ask u will receive trust n believe I've been thru the same thing and he turned it all around for me not only that when a person show u who they are believe them actions speak louder than words...... have the strength for ur lil ones they deserve betta not only that if he has truely changed then he will prove to u that his family is worth fighting for u havnt done anything wrong its up to ur husband to show and prove himself may god bless

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2011

I need to say sister every comment here makes so much sence, what I can say to u is this was me,I met him at 14 things were good at first but were young everyone changes when were young he cheated and beat me, I would always think he would change he didnt cause he didnt walk with god or he tryed but didnt follow through, I married him at 16 and took the cheating hitting and leaving me home so he can go be with his friends,I felt ungly I would always pray for god to give me strength to leave and I stood with him till I was 19 had three kids by him and from me to you sister be strong,of course u cant trust him. Actions is so true,but ur children to loose u would be hurtful to them,you need to focus on ur kids and think about you,a man can make u feel so ensecure but its not us, its them tonite I pray with u and forever so u have strength. I had no job as well but keep praying and god will guide u. Dont ever let a man way you down, remember god never gives us what we can handle, Im 36 now and god has blessed me with 6 children now and we live 2 hrs apart my children didnt have there dad but god blessed me with a man to be dad and I never had a dad as well ,so I pray god heals u.ull leave when ur ready,sis I pray u seek more of our lord and start fresh, your children are angels love them and urself this is long but u touched my heart and god brings words of wisdom from people that went through this. Father guide ur child and let her know shes not alone. Amen. Hang in there Im here email me if u ever need to talk,I didnt have that.......... [email hidden from spammers] bless ur heart Sara

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2011

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