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Father God, you have exposed me to so many prayers, people, examples and teachings of being a faithful loving wife. I have lived by your laws, I respect them and honor you with everything in me. I commit my life to you Lord and your will. But why Lord? Why was Christopher unfaithful? Why did he abandon me and our 3 children? Why did you allow Satan to test something that was do precious and beautiful? What is your will? I pray for complete healing and reconciliation in your name and for your Glory oh Lord! I don't want to waste my time with hope in something that only the children and I want. Please Lord, this is painful enough and I make it through each day with you and your strength, but please, it has been 10 months, we are closing in on court and a divorce, please point me in the direction of Your will. I desperately need you to convict my heart of what is right here - moving on or not. I cannot live in this limbo of pain and suffering when I could be doing so much more with my life for you. Please convict my heart of the right path, what to do next. I feel alone in wanting my marriage. Please show me the way, the truth and the light! I love you so much and just feel that my broken spirit is such a disservice to you as I know I am truly blessed in so many ways and i thank you each and every day for these blessings! I am waiting on you Lord and I am hopeful! Please bless me with truly knowing your will for our marriage - convict me so there is no doubt. I pray your answer will be our marriage and that you will fill his heart with love for me and the children. I pray he will reach out to try to fix this all before we continue to waste your precious resources on lawyers and court. Please Lord. Please Lord, bring Christopher to his knees before you to do the right thing. Should this not be your will - tell me to MOVE on! I love you. Amen!

by kristen

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Dear Father, I ask that you bless and restore this family in Jesus name..thank you Jesus, Amen

Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2011


Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2011

Father heal her heart let her find comfort in ur word.restore her marriage father if It's ur will protect her n her children amen!

Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2011

Admirable is the Holy name of God. God our Father please comfort, protect, and restore this family you have created. Praying for you in Jesus' precious name. Amen

PrayingWife | on Jan 21, 2011

Dear Lord, Restore this marriage. Cleanse her husbands heart. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2011

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