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I want to live happy life

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God & Time

Your life is your time & your time is your life. Time is is your gift from God. With every passing minute you have 1 less minute to live. To waste time is to work against God. You have enough time to serve the Lord every day. He has given us time to do His will & to be obedient about every single thing He wants for our lives.

Jesus was a man of prayer. The great men & women of this world were men & women of prayer. God has a will & purpose for your life.

Some people lived a short life & made an impact; while, other men & women lived a long time & made no impact.

How do you start a day that was given to you by Holy God? Do you open His word & start your day in prayer?

*When emergencies arise, in prayer we get clear direction & we know what to do. If we begin the day with Him & read His word... We are ready. Prayer sharpens our discernment & we are able to see through the surface if things. He is willing to work in our hearts & in our minds.

If we have an issue, get on our knees & talk to the Lord before sleeping. When you talk to God about something important, & you go to sleep, your subconscious mind goes to work. The spirit of God is in your subconscious mind. You wake up & God works while we are sleeping. You get God's view point on matters. When you get His thoughts... You get His will & His plan.

You get energetic. If you're dead tired, get on your face before God... It will be unusual if you don't get a surge of energy. He is the energizer.

He answers prayers if we ask & invite Him into our lives.

Spending time in prayer prevents us from getting distracted. It helps us to focus & reminds us to act to get something done. He brings it to your mind & gets you to start acting.

Being in prayer helps you from getting discouraged.

If we get anxious, we are on our schedule... Not God's.

Prayer opens the door of opportunity.

Pray with an attitude for thanks giving.

When we are in the word of God, the Lord is obligated by His word.

Begin the day with Him... Wisdom, power, enables us to know the difference between being busy & being fruitful.

Start with the book if Proverbs. Ask the Lord to speak to your heart.

Pray many times throughout the day.

We are all headed for an eternity. If you are wise... Take these precious moments & ask for forgiveness, accept Jesus as His son, & you are thankful for His sacrifice.

If you invite Him in... He will guide you & cause time to work for your good.

Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2011

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