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Please Lord help my fibromyalgia get better and that I will be able to get the medication I need. Also, for our cars to be fixed. I know you have a plan even in this. Please help us, and draw us both to you. Please save my husband, if nothing else I desire that.

by God is my Judge

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I'm with you with the fibromyalgia!! I am in SO much pain ALL DAY, EVERY DAY in my neck, shoulders, upper, mid & lower back & nothing helps it!! I'm on morphine, neutontin, Tylenol 1's, Robaxacet, Dilaudid, & several anti-depressants that are supposed to help with fibro pain!! I've had to find other things to help & have found relief - however brief - thru tai chi, pilates, yoga, accupuncture, and massage therapy. I pray that you find some relief!

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2011

I was on Lyrica and Lunesta but I can't afford it so now I am only on narcotics I don't want to take. I really want to try Xyrem as it sounds like it treats the cause, not the symptom. There is a free Kindle book that is really in depth and very good. It is put out by the Cleveland Clinic. I pray your pain relents as well.

God is my Judge | on Jan 24, 2011

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