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Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you right now approaching your throne of grace to give you thanks for all things. Thank you father for all the many blessings you have bestowed upon me in my life no matter how big or how small. Father I just pray asking you to be my strength, courage, wisdow, and knowledge.
I realize that in you I live, move, and have my being. And I thank you for life father.
You are worthy of every thing I can give and you are worthy of all my praises.
A lot of times life brings me down. I am faced with many temptations, trials, sufferings, and many other things. But lord god you are my rock. In you I have rest and I have a way to escape the temptations. Thank you god.
Thank you for your amazing love. Thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins that through the sheding of his blood we may have a home in heaven with you when this life here is over.
I am just a filthy sinner saved by grace some how. I have many flaws. Not perfect. I make mistakes. Lord god forgive me for all the wrong I've done. God I know I've sinned and I am asking that you please forgive me and remember my sins no more.
I have invited you into my life and into my heart. Please dwell in my heart and help me to serve you and help me father to always do your will. Lead, guide, and direct me father in your paths of righteousness. Help me to always remember your word and do your will. Father I want to be obedient to you and do things in a manner pleasing unto thee. Please father fill me with the truth that I may be able to teach others about you and your will for us.
Father god help me have a good remembrance of the things I study in your word. And father please help me to have a good remembrance of the things the preacher preaches about. Help me to take these things and apply them to my life and better myself as a Christian if I find these things to be true.
Father help me not to make things about me but to set my eyes on things above and make every thing about you.
Be with me now and on through life and grant me a home in heaven having found me faithful in the end.
Please be with those who are sick and restore them to the health they need for this life and please give them the strength to do the things they need to in this life. Please be with those traveling and help them to make it safely to their destination. If only these things be your will.
Please be with those who need you father. Bless them that bless your name. And just comfort those who are in need of comforting. And please be with those who need you god and help them in the situations they are faced with from day to day.
Lord god help me to be more like job and have the faith he has. Father I understand that you allow the devil to put obstacles in our way to test our faith. Every now and then you have to check up on your disciples to make sure they are still following the righteous path.
Lord just help us to look to you for help when we are faced with these obstacles.
Lord god may your kingdom ever grow in spirit and in number. Bless those who do your will and teach your gospel. Help the kingdom to do exactly what your word says and never settle for anything less.
Father just please help us. Please keep us safe from any and all harm. Lord god please send your guardian angels down from heaven to watch over us. And please help us to have a good nights rest so that we can be contempt for tomorrow.
And please help us not to worry about the things of tomorrow for your word teaches us that the things of tomorrow will take thought of themselves. Help us to stand strong in our faith and serve you always.
And please father god take away our stress, worries, pain, hurt, grief, and all those things that may cause us to take our eyes off of you. Lord when we are faced with these things help us to look to you for guidance. We need your help to live our lives right and in a manner pleasing unto you.
Thank you for every thing. I love you father god with all my heart and with ever ounce of strength within me.

In Christ name I pray...AMEN <3

by Christin

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