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Heavenly Father, please help me let go of things and people that hurt me and get in between us. I need you more than ANYTHING AND DONT WANT OUR RELATIONSHIP TO BE A FAILURE LIKE IVE BEEN WITH YOU.My soul yearns your love though my actions havent quite matched up.Please help me stop smoking and help me with being gay.Im ashamed. I feel no man could ever even want me.Im broken! No one around me my age wants you the way I do but it will NEVER CHANGE MY NEED FOR U.I have no friends.My love for music has grown to be more passionate and meaningful from struggles.Your love is a light within me that I NEED TO SHINE! Please help me! If anybody out there can reach Him....tell God I Give In!

by Nova

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He didn't "turn" gay, he's always been gay. He's the same he was before he told you.
Listen...if a straight Christian isn't fornicating, where's the sin...? if a gay Christian isn't fornicating, where's the sin..? It isn't being gay God detests, it's immoral behavior. Paul never illustrates living Christ centered people when he admonishes sexual sin, gay or straight sexual sin, it's still sin. David & Jonathan is the Greatest Love story ever told in the Bible. They profess their Love for each other more times than any other couple in the Bible. God saw fit to make sure that was in the Bible. It is not a coincidence. They married each other in front of the Lord, and years later, even had a re-commitment ceremony. They kissed, hugged, loved each other more than any other. Jesus healed the Roman officers Lover because He Loved Him. Get a Strong's Concordance. Read for yourself how Jonathan "grew large" in front of David...the same term used for erections in every other part of the Bible.
Listen...We're not under the Law. Lev. 18:22 has been Fulfilled by Jesus. By LOVE according to Him. If you're wearing a poly-rayon-cotton shirt right now, you are to be put to death right now, according to the Law, as it's the same abomination as Lev. 18:22. Paul never illustrates loving committed people in his admonitions against sexual immorality. Gay or straight, Paul describes heathens that burn in their heart with uncontrollable Lust. Nothing about Love. Jesus says it all comes down to Love. That's It..! LOVE..!
Be Free..! LOVE..! Serve GOD with your life. He Lives you. Be open to Hos commands in your life, you'll hear them. Forget all people. Trust His Word. The TRUTH is in there..!

777 | on Dec 15, 2011

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