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God, I don't have the words to express how much I want You to do everything You are able to do to call my Daddy to salvation.

He is a professor, and has intellectualized You far away. Please work a miracle and draw him to You. I love him so much and don't want him to be lost.

I pray the same for my beautiful step-mother, who I believe is closer to possibly accepting You.

In Jesus' holy name,

by Anonymous

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Trust me its in the plan some people don't believe and if you try to force them then they push further and further away from the truth. Science is man made and is what we rationalize and believe is the truth based on the things that we know and understand with each individuals knoweledge. Therfore he who knows more feels they have the answers but what it they found that the books in which they read were wrong and the knowledge that they accured was corrupt what would they say or do? The father knows this all and will provide ample time for the truth to shock and awe them even in their own field of expertise and then and only then when they are stumped and they can't no longer relly on the books of their predicesors they will look upward and understand they know nothing and they will be willing to learn the truth.

Anonymous | on Jan 19, 2011

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