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Pray for Leslie as she fights for a counselling agency in the uk that believes that gays can change and pray for my brother that he can get his credit check and he will be homeless with his son and wife,pray that they can keep there house
Pray for tony and andy that tony will get well after Tonys operation that his blood pressure will be back to normal and back to preaching and that he will have rest and pray for andy pray that he can have a new spleen and pancreas and that he can get back to normal
Pray for the way inn as the manager has had her phone stolen and everyone is suspicious and worried of getting there phones stolen
Pray for dave lay that he can love Jesus
Pray for my mum that the case which she is working on who are smoking drugs that they would get caught
Pray that I can write my cv correctly and cover letter to get a job
Pray for Esther that she will stay pure and for her dissertation done and video and pray that she can pray with Ryan and that I can find good presents for my sister and dan and susie, Sam and Jenna
Pray that dad can get out of debt and me and all our family
Pray for a spouse that I will know who she is and pray that I can see Lou and pray for my weight that I can get my weight to normal

by Anonymous

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Continue to trust in god and bring all ur troubles to him he knows when ur hurting and he listens to ur prayer with love.... He knows the right time to answer each of those prayers....never turn ur back on God

Anonymous | on Jan 19, 2011

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