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Lord, please help me sleep well tonight. I have had many problems sleeping, I'm scared of having nightmares, scared of not falling asleep! Please forgive me of my sins and help me sleep well and only have happy dreams, none scary or sinful or unclean! And everyone reading, do you have any tricks for clearing your thoughts or falling asleep quickly? Please help me Lord
In Your name I pray,

by iloveJesus

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Pray, and cleanse your mind. Ask Jesus to cover you in his blood and for him to send his guardian angels down to your beside, to keep you in peace. Read psalms 23, 27, 36, 18, 71, 91, 106 and 119

Nyarko-Dei | on Jan 18, 2011

God bless your heart! There's power in the name of Jesus, And I pray the blood of Jesus over you child of God, get in to the word and hide it in your heart so you can think of it before bed. The word of God will bring you peace! Jesus is the prince of peace! Goodnight

(Shanman)[email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 18, 2011

When I have trouble sleeping I take an herbal supplement called meletonin it works well just take it about 30 mins before your ready to go to sleep and it will help you stay asleep... hope it helps if you decide to try it... I pray GOD bless's you and answers your prayers!!!!!!!!

LOSTSOUL | on Jan 18, 2011

Hi , I had horriable nightmares for years , I started praying and reading my bible - I would always pray and
ask God to lead me to read what I needed to read , I would just open my bible and read after I prayed and I usually ended up in the book of psalms , which helped alot , I'm praying for you

Anonymous | on Jan 18, 2011

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