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Please all pray for 2 students shot at a high school here is Southern California. The students were shot was a boy age 15 was shot in the neck & the girl also 15 was shot in the head. We need to pray for the 2 students who were shot. Also need to pray for the 16 year old boy u accidently shot as his gun was in the backpack & when he dropped it it discharged hitting 2 students. Please pray for all other students who are safe, but so scared. Let God protect these students who were shot & the students who are still so terrified. Please pray for them as we still are learning what is happing. Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless You all. In Christ Jesus, Danielle

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Hey, um I don't think I have an email account. Can we talk about my problem on here?

Ryan | on Jan 27, 2011

Thank u so much for takin the time to help me thanks I needed to hear that and I will b emailing u thanks

adrian | on Jan 28, 2011

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