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I am 38 year old female single mom with two kids just diagnosed with lymphoma. Just wanted to be lifted up.

by Anonymous

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God is able to heal you. Please keep us updated of your Miracle Healing

J Needs U | on Jan 18, 2011

Ask, Believe, Receive! If you TRULY believe that God will answer your prayers, don't let ANY doubt slip through, He will ALWAYS answer! He has answered everyone of my prayers, it may take some time, but if I keep my faith strong He always answers! My Dad's best friend had severe sclerosis of the liver and his doctors told him that there was pretty much no hope. He ask God to heal him and one night he had a dream that he walked to the creek behind his house and a "glowing being" (his words) was on the other side of the creek. The being told him that he would be healed of his disease then told him to wake up. When he did, his feet were kinda wet and dirty, but he just shrugged it off as sleep walking since he had done it before, but when he saw his doctor again and had some test run, his liver was healthy and functioning perfectly! He said it was an alien that healed him, but I know it was God, lol! Unfortunately, he continued to think it was aliens and even more unfortunately he continued to drink. The disease eventually came back and he died from it. I know it came back because he didn't give credit to God. I told you the entire story and didn't leave out the bad stuff because I didn't want to lie to you. I think that if he had believed it was God sending an Angel to heal him instead of aliens and didn't start drinking again he would still be alive. He didn't believe in God, but I know you will and that our Heavenly Father works miracles all the time! Be positive, be faithful, and keep believing that Almighty God will heal you and He will! And just so you know, all of that really did happen to my Dad's friend! God is supernatural and absolutely no laws bind Him! But, you have to believe that no laws bind Him! Anything is possible with God! Anything and everything. I will keep you in my prayers, and I truly believe that He will heal you so believe with me!

Jeanie | on Jan 18, 2011

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