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Prayer Warriors ans Saints in the prayer network tonight i am asking that we support our sisters and brothers that are down and feeling lost. I have noticed that we falling off of praying for each other and touching and agreeing on each others situations. When our sisters and brothers are losing faith we HAVE to be there to remind them of the power of our ALMIGHTY GOD and the power of prayer. We have to join together and send up petitions on each others behalf. We have to teach the ones that don't have a clear understanding, are new in their walk with God and/or just seeking encouragement. We have to band together and form a sheild that satan cannot penetrate. There is power in numbers. Please take a minute to touch and agree on the prayers each day as you write your own. There is no reason for anyone to leave this prayer app feeling alone and that they have no one to turn to. There are too many of us to lend an encouraging word. Even if u simply comment i <3 u! We all need it. We were all led here by the Grace of God and we need to join our hearts, minds and souls when we enter this room and enter with purpose. A purpose to pray and pray like you never have before for each other. We are a family in Christ. Let's lift each other up! There are soo many of you i want to personally thank for your encouraging words and ferevent prayers. I love you all. I am sending a special praise out to Hector you touch so many people on a daily basis. And even in the midst of your own trials and tribulations you still take a moment to post profound messages for others. When i read your posts i feel the spirit in them and I know you are a Child Of God and a missionary sent by him to this network God Bless You! Please continue doing it. There is a purpose for you brother. Much love friends!

by GodsChild

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Anonymous | on Jan 17, 2011

Yes you are so correct. I have been neglectful and this app gives me the will to go on through my trials. I will comment more and not just pray for others

d[email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 18, 2011

Thank you both so much for agreeing. I know that encouragement when someone is very low will save a soul and it may actually save a life!! May God continue to Bless and keep you!

GodsChild | on Jan 18, 2011

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