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Oh God my Heavenly Father thank you for giving me an awesome peaceful night of rest. Thank you Father that I am healed of the numbness and leg pain in my right leg. Father forgive me of all my transgressions, Father forgive me for sins of omission and Sins of commission. Father I yield myself unto you. Take over this life. It's not mine. All I've done is mess it up. Father help me to stay in your will. Thank you My Heavenly Father for what you're doing in my life and my childrens life. Thank you God that they are going to be the men of God that you have called them to be. Father create in me a clean heart. Change me from the inside out. Renew the right spirit in me. Father change my countenance. It is misleading. Father bless me financially. Bless me so I can be debt free. Father thankyou for your healing virtue running through my body. Every tissue, every cell, every organ has to come in line with the word of God. Father you was bruised for my iniquities, the chastisement of my peace was upon you and for every stripe you took, it was for my healing. I thank you for it and it is not in vain. I decree and declare and claim that healing in the name of Jesus.
Father I'm praying for my brother that he would come into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Father touch Bruce. Teach him and show him that he should live a life of bondage. Show him the way he should handle the situation with his son. I pray for Myrtle for a job of your choice for her and Susie that her finances will be better I'm Jesus'name. Touch Paris. Crown her head with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from on high. Bless Alayah, Jeremiah, and all my family members. Lord look down on my Uncle Michael. Take away the alcohol and cause him to run to you crying Father what must I do to be saved. Lord I love you and I magnify your holy name. Thank you for creating me. These blessings and all others I ask in Jesus name. Amen

by Sister T

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I shall pray extra hard for you because I have the same pain every day,with back hurting too. I have degenerative disc disease in back and neck and the back causes the leg pain and numbness. The meds I take just take the edge off the pain; so I know you have to be in pain, especially if you aren't on pain medicines. If you haven't been to the doctor, you really need to find a way and go. You could also have a neuro problem. Our prayers are with you.

I Believe | on Jan 17, 2011

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