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Please continue to pray for me.....i still feel lost and confused.....i dont know what Gods path is for me and my unborn childs father....all of his possessions are here but he hasnt been home in 3 days.....i just need some answers so my heart can begin to heal....right now my soul is tortured and i feel smothered with heartache and grief.....if this man is for me then God give me a sign and make us whole.....if not give me a sign and remove him now Lord....I have had enough of this darkness. Amen.


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I feel for you! I been separated from my wife for almost 2 years and we have little ones together. It's hard but keep serving the lord with all your heart and he will deliver.

John | on Jan 17, 2011

Chance, I'm praying for you. Please know my heart goes out to you & your pain. Also know that God will not remove this man from your life - only you can make that choice. I'm certain that your BF will have a good excuse when he reappears (they always do) & you'll want to believe him. But the fact that you are praying this prayer in the first place is your answer.

We both know it's another woman &/or substance abuse that's keeping him away (if he says he was in jail - then call the jail to verify). If he is doing this now, when you're pregnant & alone, do you think he'll improve after you have the baby? I was in the same place you are for 9 years & am finally moving on after I kicked that Devil out of my life. No matter how you feel it'll be far easier to make this change now than it'll ever be after your baby is born. I truly hope I'm wrong, though. Be strong! 
Jesus loves you, 
(P.S. I'm a man, btw)

Francis | on Jan 17, 2011

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