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Our Lord Jesus has the answer to our problems and so many of us don't even know it.
1. First of all He taught that we have the power to pray to our Father God Almighty in the privacy of our home, alone, one on one, without the need of a middle person or to go to any church. (read in the Bible Matthew 6: 5-13)
2. We don't have to pay any money to pray to our Lord God. It is FREE confidential and available 24 hrs. every day.
3. We can ask and talk (pray) to our Father God without any embarrasment, for he is our protector, a loving and merciful dad. We can honestly tell him exactly how we feel and what is making our life miserable.
4. Jesus was kind, compasionate, respecful, He healed physical and mental illness on countless people and performed miracles to teach people how powerful is our Father our Creator . Jesus was unmercifully killed for teaching the good word, he left a treasure for all of us, he taught us how to connect and reach out to our Father God by praying and believing in Him a 100%, to ask him for forgiveness no matter what our sins are, for pardon to be granted by Father God, how do we know if it was granted? You feel an awesome, peaceful and comforting JOY all over your heart and soul as you have never experienced before. God listens and takes care of you (Matthew 6: 25-33) Jesus was killed because he talked and taught about the POWER that we all have to overcome evil. We can change our lives, Father God will protect you but you have to do your part too. Start by cleaning yourself and your home , kick out of the house ****o gr aphy, physical abuse, child abuse, drugs, bickering, alchohol, bad influences, all that belongs to the devil. Make your house a peaceful and cozy home. A loving shelter if you have children. Behave like a child of God, associate with good, do good, think good.

Pray constantly no matter where you are, pray for strenght and the power of God to change your life. Believe, have faith! it will happen.
After your life changes praise God every day and spread the good word.

by Rain

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