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I feel soo weak spiritually, mentally!! I need to find strenght within through my heavenly Father!! This situation with wilton has me soo beside myself tat even in my Dreams which include him its him treating me in the same way which destroyed me!! In my heart deep down I want him as a father n a husband in my life but I feel soo destroyed in my inside tat I don't know how to even pray at times n fight for God to heal my marriage heal my pain n change us!! Inside my children need him as their father n me I need him as the husband companionship helper! It's sooo sad wat I feel inside I can't comprehend wat I'm suppose to feel n I don't hate him or wish him bad i do forgive him in my own way it's just tat he hurt me sooo much I deal with his abuse on a daily!! I feel he's getting away with 8 yrs of abuse mental physical emotional n economical abuse!! I don't know how to get over the fact tat while being wit him I lost everything n he gained everything through me n he's doing good n though I know n see Gods hand n help n mercy in my life it's sad to me very sad very hurt!! I need to completely forgive him n deal with my pain!! But it debilitates my mind n thoughts!! Lord hear my cryes my need of ur courage n strenght u know I want to seve u completely u know how hard my life is my thoughts override everything n I know tats not part of believing in u! Help me I'm soo hurt I'm good one day n breaking down the other!! these meds r not helping but keeping me from fully giving u my all because they keep me in a numb state!! It's like I'm trying to climb a steep mountain with a bookbag full or rocks! I know I need to get to the top but my heaviness is keeping me struugling to make it up!! I know ur word I just don't know how to apply it right now

by Roxanne

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You were not to let this man be Satan's tool in your life. This man knows right and wrong and no manner of good deeds or forgiveness on your behalf will save him. If he is unwilling to accept Christ by now it is not up to you, it is up to Our Lord. Leave him and cling to Our Father my sister. If this man is to be saved The Lord will do it. You've served your time in slavery. Honestly every moment you stay with him...Satan wins. May The Lord Bless, inspire, strengthen, and keep you.

BeardedHawk | on Jan 13, 2011

The word says what God put together let no man separate. However He is to love you as Christ loves the church! Step back and allow the righteous right hand of All mighty God to redeem your husband! Get yourself right with God! Pray, read the word and suggest a martial "Christian council" to Him. My wife and I go to a restore marriage ministry FINALLY after 12 years, and finally we are "inching"forward! Sister in Christ may God the Father bless you, your husband, your children, your family, your friends and everyone He puts in your life So He Will Get His Much Deserved Glory! Amen!

(Shanman)[email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 13, 2011

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