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Dear lord i need you! I am struggling so much with my mother who wants to control my is not my fault that i am my own person. It has come to a point where i am ready to leave the house. I cannot be at constant battle with her. I am more than willing to compromise but she only screams that i am going to lose everything if i dont change.but lord u see that i am not a bad person.i am an amazing person who is being misunderstood.please help me.i will never give up on you or on love.this isnt even about her hating my bf anymore,its deeper than that.its about all these years that she has not allowed me to be myself. I love her but i am not a person who likes to fight all the time.i just want to be 20 i am being treated as im 3.all these years of disagreement have finally reached their blowing point.please dont leave me lord.if anyone wants to leave me words of encouragement plz do.

by Anonymous

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Make sure your desires are not being selfish. Instead of asking God to help you with your mother and to make her stop treating you like a child,, maybe ask him to help Mend the relationship an help both of you guys to understand each other.

Anonymous | on Jan 08, 2011

I am sure that your mother sees how amazing you are. Sometimes as a parent we love our children so much and we want to protect them and in doing that when we see them making a choice that has potential to be harmful instead of letting our babies learn by trial and error we just try to forbid the mistake. Try not to be to hard on your mother. Us parents make mistakes and have regrets too. I will keep you and your mother in my prayers though. Be strong and do as god directs you to do..

proverbs31 | on Jan 08, 2011

Sometimes we think we are so right and that the other person is so wrong, but in reality it might be the other way around. Then we are so humbled. God doesn't want us to be angry at anyone, he wants us to solve our problems asap. Especially to honor our parents. They are human too and they misbehave as well, but try to be the change you want to see in her, that will soften her heart and her attitude towards you might change. I'm no poster child for following this but I've experienced it. You love God, He won't leave you. Pray always. May God bless you and your mom and guide both of you with his Holy Light.

Anonymous | on Jan 08, 2011

Read and understand what Hector posted earlier, about an hr ago. It's so very true.

Anonymous | on Jan 08, 2011

Thank u all for ur words.I did not find hectors prayer unfortunetely. My biggest wish is for God to mend our relationship, I am being the change I want to see in her but she is like a rock,unchangeable.I've poured my heart out to her in hope that she will understand that I have never done her wrong.I've always honored her wishes but I can't only think for her,I can't see myself giving up my bf just because she doesn't like his skin color.this isn't a valid reason.she belives I'm a horrible person for no reason =[

Anonymous | on Jan 08, 2011

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