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I pray for those who have TMAU Trimethylaminuria an incurable disease who there is a mutation in the body and the body does not have the FMO3 enzyme to digest proteins and choline. The food is digested and goes thru the blood stream instead of being eliminated in the urine. This foul disease causes the body to smell like rotten fish, feces, garbage, bad breath, in women the odor is intensified during menstruation. Anxiety fear sweating also intensifies the disorder. This is a very embarrassing condition in which many that have it believe they have poor hygiene and the general public family and friends laugh, scorn, ridicule and ridicule us. This causes chronic depression, alienation, fear of subjecting others to the odors that the individual usually can't smell. Most people suffering with the evil demonic condition has contemplated suicide, bath and shower excessively. This is a very painful situation which causes those suffering with this to feel unworthy and hold our heads down. There is not a lot a research for a cure to be done due to the low percentage of people suffering with it. One person is to many. I have suffer with this for about 30 years and did not know for 25 years what was wrong with me. Foods like nuts, broccoli, beans, wheat, and many other foods cause this awful smell. Well today January 8, 2011...I feel and pray for a Breakthrough. I ask God to heal us of this foul and demonic disease. To break the curse and stronghold off our lives. Please touch and agree with me so that we may live again or even live for the first time in our pain stricken lives. I plead the blood of Jesus and the yoke destroying power of God RIGHT NOW TO DESTROY THIS DISEASE IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Today is our day of deliverance and breakthrough. The FMO3 enzyme is supernaturally created in our bodies right now. Satan loose your hold now on us. We are healed and restored to the the life God has for us. GOD SAYS TODAY TO LET MY PEOPLE GO ON ALL THESE DISEASES AND SIN WE HAVE SUFFERED WITH. DIABETES, CANCER, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, MS, LUPUS, HEART DISEASE, LUNG DISORDERS, CYSTIC FIBROSIS, BLOOD AND CELLULAR CONDITIONS, MENTAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DISABILITIES, UNSTABILITY, GOUT, BLINDNESS, DEAFNESS, PARALYSIS, ADDICTIONS TO SIN, ****, SEXUAL, HOMOSEXUALITY, ADULTERY, FORNICATION, MASTERBATION, ****OGRAPHY, BEASTIALITY, PEDEOPHILIA, DRUGS ALCOHOL, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, LYING, STEALING, MURDER, VIOLENCE, JEALOUSY, GREED, PRIDE, SELFISHNESS, GOSSIP, EVIL DEEDS, DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD, HATRED, PREDJUDICES, JUDGING UNJUSTLY, UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, WITCHCRAFT, IDOL TALK, SCHEMING, WICKEDNESS, UNHOLINESS, IMMORAL HABITS, LACK OF GODLY LOVE ONE FOR ANOTHER, BONDAGE, AN UNCLEAN HEART, REJECTING JESUS CHRIST, ETC. TODAY BLESSING COMES TO. FORGIVENESS AND MERCY IS YOURS JUST ASK THE ALMIGHTY GOD. HE WILL NOT TURN YOU AWAY, BUT HE WILL TEACH HOW LIVE FOR HIM THROUGH HIS HOLY SPIRIT. BE FREE TURN TO THE LORD FOR HE BREAKS THE SHACKLES OFF YOUR LIFE. HEALING, DELIVERANCE, SANCTIFICATION, LOVE, PEACE, HUMILITY IS FREELY GIVEN TO YOU. GOD WILL DO A NEW THING IN YOU. TODAY IS YOUR DAY OF NEW BEGINNINGS AND HOPE. ALLOW THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS TO CHANGE YOU RIGHT NOW. WOW THIS MOMENT IN TIME IS YOUR TIME FOR GOD TO LAY HIS HANDS ON YOU AND HEAL YOU EVERYWHERE YOU HURT. RECEIVE YOUR JOBS, YOUR FINANCES ARE INCREASED, MARRIAGES AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS ARE RENEWED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS, PROTECTION IS UPON YOU, SALVATION IS NOW...SAY JESUS FORGIVE ME FOR MY SINS, COME INTO MY HEART, BE THE LORD OVER MY LIFE, FILL ME WITH YOU HOLY SPIRIT SO I MY SERVE YOU WITH MY WHOLE LIFE. I AM WHOLE AND SET FREE OF THE ENEMY. TEACH ME YOU WORD AND RENEW MY MIND FROM ALL BONDAGE. THANK YOU JESUS FOR SALVATION. THOSE WHO ARE SAVED AND GONE BACK TO LIVE IN SIN...YOUR FATHER GID STANDS AT THE DOOR AND KNOCKS OPEN UP THE DOOR OF YOUR HEART AND REPENT AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU AND HAS BEEN LONGING FOR YOU TO RETURN TO YOU. HE LOVES AND FREELY FORGIVES YOU FOR YOUR SINS. WALK INTO YOUR DIVINE DESTINY. HUSBANDS GO HOME WIVES GO HOME. THOSE BEING ABUSED ALLOW GOD TO DIRECT YOU TO SAFETY. GOD DOES NOT WANT YOU ABUSED...THAT IS NOT AGAPE LOVE. PRAY FOR THE ABUSER AND GET OUT OF HARMS WAY. TRUST IN THE LORD...DONT LEAN ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. ASK FOR GODS WISDOM. KNOWLEDGE AND DIVINE UNDERSTANDING FOR HE IS FAITH. YOU SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE SEEK HIS FACE AND WILL TODAY AND EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE...GOOD AND MERCY SHALL FOLLOW YOU ALL THE DAYS IF YOUR LIVES AS WE PRAY FOR ANOTHER. EXPECT A MIRACLE AND BLESSING. ALL THIS IS SEALED AND COMES TO PASS BY THE PRECIOUS BLOOD AND NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES GOD BLESSED SON JESUS CHRIST. AMEN AMEN AMEN PRAISE GOD. HALLELUJAH! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SMILES UPON YOU TODAY!!!

by avenger

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Amen!!!!!!!.....I touch and agree!

latoya davis | on Jan 08, 2011

I'm in agreement as well...I pray for your healing. In Jesus name. Amen

Eagerly Learning | on Jan 08, 2011

How are you doing? I agree and pray !

Strength and Faith | on Aug 14, 2011

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