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Jesus Christ,

My prayer is not important in the grand scheme of life. Nevertheless, I ask you for your healing grace for me. Regardless, I appreciate what you have given me and as always I acknowledge you as my Lord and Savior.

by Kurt

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Kurt every prayer no matter how small, even if it is just calling out His name, is very important in the grand sceam of things. Don't belittle ur prayers. U may never know what comes from your prayers. He hears u and u are very important to Him. God bless u.

Frogdog | on Jan 05, 2011

Remember the woman who would not leave till Jesus cast the devil out of her daughter. Even though others told Jesus to send her away He said nothing and she waited and kept on Him without stopping and was rewarded with words of You have great faith. Keep on asking and for healing you must keep on speaking it. Power in your words. Jesus already paid the price for salvation and healing. Yea. Both of them.

Cooper4 | on Jan 05, 2011

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