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Dont think god wants me are see my pain,,,,,,caught my fiancee cheating,,,,,and i am pregnant,,,,,i am lost and dont want to be alive

by Anonymous

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God is with You. He feels ur pain with u. He will help u.

Anonymous | on Dec 26, 2010

Don't feel he is near

Anonymous | on Dec 26, 2010

Keep praying, even if you don't feel him near you just now, be assured he is always with you and always hears your prayers. My prayers are with you. God bless

S.H. | on Dec 26, 2010

Believe that you are where God wants you to be. All things happen for a reason and this is part of Gods master plan. I went thru something similar years ago. My girlfriend was pregnant, went on vacation, cheated on me, came home, had an abortion, and left me shattered. I did not know how I could go on. Shortly after that, I met someone who had also been thru a bad breakup and we had a lot in common. We have been married 33-1/2 years now, have 3 kids and 6 grandkids. Looking back, it would have never worked with the first girl. God put me thru my situation so that I could understand what my wife had been thru. We know that he was in control of everything and put us together. Take each breath and each day believing that something and someone is in your future that God wants for you.

DJ | on Dec 26, 2010

god nows your pain and loves you so much just keep praying have fait and let god love you

coco | on Jan 06, 2011

dj god bless you your comed wos so much a blessing for my

coco | on Jan 06, 2011

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