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Lord help. You kno w whats happend. And ive been daft omce more.sorry. You know my heart and that i love the friends i pray for. But it seems sometimes that my prayerd go out tgrough the roof and didssapear. Nothing seems to change. But i will continue to pray. My 2 dear friends have cancer and i krep praying for remissiom for them. I ask for healing. Please lord. For your glory i ask. Not for me. But for you. I so eant good for them to come out of this for them. I cant type properly as am upset. But will leave this in your hands. You know lord these 2people are like a brother and sister to me.that id why i hurt so them jesus help them. PLEASE.

PRAYERFOLK please pray for them. Please and i ask you god please bless everyone who prays. Thankypu to all who pray may god bless yuo. Amen

by Anonymous

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Dear friend I k ow what it's. Like to to have someone ur supper close to have cancer and I k ow what its like for the familys and the hard ship I help sugeons qith surgeries and got a lot of ca cancer patients but I could always ee it was hardwr on the family then the patient themself. Pray I k.ow God put me there for reasons of comfort to them and that's what they need is a lot of prayer and faith. I know it woeks cuz my sister had cancer in her leg and my mom. Got everyone o pray for her and the day of. The surgery. It was completely. Gone so prayer works ill pray for them and for u to have strength god bless you amen.

Gods precious one | on Dec 11, 2010

Dear gods precious one, thankyou so much for your comment and sharing wuth me what u did and encouraging me. Thanku for praying for us. May god bless u and be close and keep u close to him. Amen.

Ladymothers child | on Dec 15, 2010

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