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Dear Lord
There is so much restless ill content in my house tonight. I hear my mum and dad rowing and I know it is about me and James.
Lord my father will not forgive James, it is destructive and hurtful. Father I beg you in the name of your only son please drive the demons out of my father, we have reached crisis point.
My parents are getting too old for this kind of pain Lord please protect them. I cannot let James go, I believe you have told me to hold onto him and Lord I believe in your goodness and love, your power to reconcile. Lord there has long been a toxic presence in our house, Lord I am tired of hearing them argue over me, I am a grown woman now. Lord, I feel guilt ridden for the stress my being disabled and different to them causes them. Lord why did you create me as I am? Why not different? Lord I have tried and tried to be something else that would please them and you have told me to hang in there and to believe in your goodness and to wait patiently on changes, to be exactly who you annointed me to be, without struggle, but Lord it is getting hard, I am sensing an evil presence in this house, Lord drive him out. Lord bring us peace, bring my father peace, deliver him from fear.
Lord I an afraid, lost, vulnerable I need you. Tell the evil one be gone!!!!!! And Lord if there are any shortcomings, any messages I might know about how I might change or more fully serve you, please grant me access to the revelation I seek.
I ask in Jesus' Name
Lord bless those of need, not just me

by Vicki

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