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Friends, I need advice. Bear with me if this seems like a long story. I am 24 years old. I have been married and divorced due to abuse and adultry. Since my divorce I have tried to be very careful in who I date. My first real relationship since then just ended a few days ago because it just wasn't right... As much as I care for him, we wanted different things. And I began to see some warning signs... He was beginning to act controlling and sometimes he said things that hurt my feelings. At that time I had a friend come to me and ask why I would put myself back in to an abusive relationship after all I'd been through with my ex. I didn't think anything of his concern at the time but since my break up I've begun to wonder if this friend has feelings for me. He's checking with me everyday just to see how I'm feeling. He's quick to encourage me anytime I am feeling low. He tells me I'm a sweetheart and that I deserve better than I've had. I don't know if I'm reading too much into it. I know I need to just be single for awhile but even so. I don't want to give myself hope for something not there. Any advice?

by sarahbeth1398

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I am in a similar situation and I think the best advice is leave it to the lord, he knows what u'll need & who is worth your time...good luck.

Anonymous | on Dec 09, 2010

I am so sorry about the abuse you went through, no one should have to go through that. This new guy sounds like a nice guy but I would pray a lot, and wait on God and see what He thinks of the situation. Its not much in the realms of advice, but in my experience praying first about things seems to be a good idea. Hope things work out, may God bless!

will | on Dec 09, 2010

Stay single and wait

Anonymous | on Dec 09, 2010

My suggestion to you is to take time to heal yourself, and try to do things you enjoy!!! Take time to read the Word of God and let Him direct your steps to the blessings he has for you!!! Rushed relationships never work and is emotionally draining!!! No one shold experience abuse!!! Look inside yourself and ask God what changes need to be made within yourself to have high self-esteem!!! Learn to love the person God created!!! Have a blessed evening!!!

Angellight626 | on Dec 09, 2010

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