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i woke up crying again over him and not having friends. I can't deal with the loneliness. God please show mercy on me and give me some friends. Please I beg. Please also take him out my mind and heart. I can't keep missing him it's really killing me. I want to die. Please help me get through this day and let it go by fast and not think about him. God I am suffering. In Jesus name I beg. A-men

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If you want friends you need to put yourself out there. Take a fun class through the adult school in your town. You can also be a volunteer. It takes some effort but it is well worth it. Tink

Anonymous | on Dec 11, 2009

I completely understand where ur coming 4rm but I just wana remind u never 2 forget dat Jesus is ur best friend n he's is the faithfulest friend u can have!

Elysse | on Dec 11, 2009

God brings different people in your life, to hurt u, to love u, and to learn from. Remember he never gives u more than u can bear. God has a plan for u he brings u to it he will see u through it. Give it to God be blessed.

nj man | on Dec 11, 2009

When I'm at my lowest just going to church and praising my Lord helps me so much! I know that He's always with me. Maybe you can make some friends there.

Anonymous | on Dec 11, 2009

I survived a very painful divorce recently. When u r in dark places in ur mind, focus on the Jesus star in the dark sky. He is there. U will make it. Trust God and the changes he is making. Praying for u

nila, tx | on Dec 11, 2009

I will b your friend email me at [email hidden from spammers] anytime, all my love, calandra

Calandra.Farmer | on Jan 27, 2010

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