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Do mircales come true. I pray every night for a chance 2 be reunited with my kids 2 be a father. Lord u gave me my kids and the devil took the from me. Please lord tell him to give them back. They were the only things that were mine. Now i have nothin.

by justin k

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I had my children taken away as well because I was not doing the right things but heavenly father helped me to change my life and I was eventually reunited with my kids, but it took some time and the lord works in his own time when the time is best, you have to be patient and help others when you can and keep praying and I think he will work a miracle for u as well....

Anonymous | on Nov 12, 2010

Miracles are very real. They come unexpectedly.

Anonymous | on Nov 12, 2010

I had a liver transplant and was 3 hours from loosing my life. God performs miricles.

Jesus Freak | on Nov 12, 2010

Yes he does and every minute of the day! And I speak from experience because it's a miracle I m alive! When I was 18 my tube burst and I was internally bleeding being so young I thout it was my menstruation, when the doctors went in to see what was going on cuz my utra sound showed some sort of liquid inside of me they couldn't believe how much blood I had inside of me! All the doctors in the hospital were call to see! They tried to figure out how I was still alive when. I had been intenally hemmeraging for a week! I was given 7 pints of blood! The doctors weren't believers but they did tell me that I had all the saints in the sky around me! I don't believe in saints! I knew the truth the Lord was with me! And that wasn't the first or the last miracle in my life! I will be giving my testimony soon! Justin you have to put all your faith and heart and just trust him because his time is not the same as our time! And Jesus hears the cries of a father! Lord bless Justin, let him be reunited with his family! Only you know what his circumstances are and only you can mold him into the father you want him to be ! Bless his children! Jesus give him comfort! Amen

ibis y colon | on Nov 13, 2010

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