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I am huurting i am crying i feel so bad i hate people that have did me wrong because i still remember what they did and it still hurts bad i am scorned by things that were said to me and done to me rejection, betrayal, lies, mean words ,behind my back things that i realize later on . I forgive but when i have a repeat offender on my hands what do i do? It makes me remember all that was ever done to me. I know im not crazy and i know things happen to everybody but me it seems i have to swim around in my hurt with no outlet. Other people have an at least. I have nothing and nobody to turn to. It seems all my life i had good luck but nobody was happy for me . They would say or do something to break my spirits. And it seeems they won. My spirits are broken . People always went out of there way to show me they didnt have my back. And didnt show muuch Love to me or my kids. I hurt bad please pray for me.

by p[email hidden from spammers]

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Hold on and don't give up. Its Ok to cry and after that tell God thank u. IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING..I LOVE U. B BLESSED. .

sherry drummond | on Nov 11, 2010

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