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Its so hard to stay in good spirit . When there are so many negative people around me. And it seems like i need them right now. I wish i had my own, again. Vengence is mine saith the Lord. It this true ? Please show me. People who are puffed up because things are going good in there lives and going around stepping on others and mistreating others and they actually think its funny Lord . But i know you will silence those laughs and wickedness you will detroy. Amen

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I understand where you are coming from friend. But we can't worry or fret about what others do to us. Our situations makes us stronger never weak. Think positive, there is always someone who has it worse so count your blessings.

LostAngel | on Nov 04, 2010

Absolutely. How people treat is their problem with God, how you react will be yours.

Spokentruth | on Nov 04, 2010

You said the right thing, God said, vengeance is mine. Just because there happy go lucky now, God ain't finished with them yet. They will get there's. In the bible it talks about how you should not gloat when someone falls or God will take his hands off the gloater. So hang in there. Keep your head up.

Anonymous | on Nov 04, 2010

Thank you friends

p[email hidden from spammers] | on Nov 04, 2010

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