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People come to you everyday. They praise you, they thank you and they ask for your help. I have done all three and have been ignored or just plan ol you failed me. You want people to put you first. So many people ave done just that and you still fail them. The bible is book of a bunch of promises. I dont for one no longer believe you have any intrest in helping me or my family @ all. What is so loving with the things you are doing? I have begged and pleaded with you. Just for you to ignore me. I believe you have your choosen few you will help. Im just not one of them. Thanks for your help or lack there of.

by Anonymous

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You should read the prayer that was submitted right before yours. ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Nov 01, 2010

Even though you have given up on him God had not given up on you. God is faithful and Just hang in there and keep talking to him because he knows and understand everything that you are going through. Insteading of blaming God maybe you should search your own heart. I do pray that everything works out for you and your Family. Be encouraged I understand where you are coming from it will get better but you have to have FAITH, your Attitude determines your Altitude.

mslhart77 | on Nov 01, 2010

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