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I feel so hurt. I keep asking why I had to meet someone I thought was so different. He always made me feel like we had a future & now has chosen not to be bothered with me anymore. I thought he was so different because he was religious & "old fashioned". But it turned out just like the rest. He deceived me & I can't get over the heartache. I thought if I forgave Joe for lying to me & forgave myself for being naive, I could heal. Its even more depressing that I can't let go. I feel as if God isn't there cause & I can't bare this pain any longer.

by Anonymous

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I went through sorta the same situation. I felt with it by burrying the memory of her so deep as to forget it ever happened. In the end I hurt even more. Way u might want to do is, not trying to sound mean, just get over it. I realized that some things realy are just NOT worth my time. I'm not gonna let this 2 timing u know way stay in my head and make me feel like crap. I hope this helps and I'll pray for you

Jarrod | on Oct 30, 2010

Wow!!!!!! I am going the exact thing wow!!!!! For me I try to stay busy. Yes it hurts but like Jarrod said get over it... I tell myself that all the time. To add insult to injury our churches fellowship at times... So see each other imagine that... He's a elder too... I will pray for you and please pray for me.

Blessed And Highly Favored | on Oct 30, 2010

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Blessed And Highly Favored | on Oct 30, 2010

My suggestion...intentionally thank God for the good times you had, and intentionally pray for this person to find happiness. I know it sounds reverse of what you feel, but those prayers you give for your enemies will come back with double abundant blessings and help you both.

DMac1880 | on Oct 30, 2010

Things will get better, it may not seem like it now, but the pain and suffering your dealing with now will end, and when it does better days will await you.

Anonymous | on Oct 30, 2010

It's amazing that months after breaking up, I'm still in pain. I will continue to have faith in prayer. Thank you all for the comments & prayers.

Anonymous | on Dec 28, 2010

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