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Dear God I'm so tired. Lord I want You. I want to know You and be consumed by You. I have so many doubts Father it's exausting. Lord take my worries take my burdens take my fear because it's suffocating me. I don't want to push him away or loose the time we have toether now but in the back of my mind is the thought that he could one day stop loving me he could change his mind and that if he left he'd take a piece of me with him. Lord I know You are all I need and my one true romance but I know that You want us to experience love here on earth. I don't know how to do that without being fearful. Father I don't know how to do it. Consume me Lord I need You. I come to You in pieces Lord and You make me whole. How wonderful You are. Lord I just don't deserve You and beauty. Praise You!

by Anonymous

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Not to pry but is he saved?

Truth | on Oct 22, 2010

It's ok. Yes he is

Anonymous | on Oct 22, 2010

Well then he understand that you are a glorious church and how important you are not only to him but to Jesus first. The word say that a man has to love a woman as Christ loves the church(Eph 5) so that means sacrifice all for including his life. If hes being what hes suppose to be and you are. Trust when I tell you he's not going anywhere because I love my wife this very way. All you can do is your part and he do his. I pray that it all works out for the best.
Your brother in Christ

Truth | on Oct 22, 2010

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