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All of my friends are cheerleaders. I tried out, but I didn't make it. :( everyones allways like, why aren't you a cheerleader? And it's really embarrasing! Today was the day of the pep rally. And siera(a girl at my lunch table said "how did you try out and not make it. Hahhahaha" then we started talking about choir, all of my friends are in the top choir and I'm not. So siera said "dang Kayla! You can't do anything right! Hahahaha" I know she was just kidding both times, but it still hurt my feelings... I think about that ALL the time. I don't do ANYTHING right. :(

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Kayla maybe its time you became a leader and not a follower. Find something u truly love and just remember practice makes perfect. I will pray for you baby.

your daughter in Christ | on Oct 18, 2010

Okay(: thanks

godislove | on Oct 18, 2010

Dudee. I am the samee! I have one bestfriend who I can just totally chill with. She makes varsity everything. She is so athletic. Has an amazing vocie. She's so pretty! Really natural Blonde hair with light blue eyess(: she is gorgeouss!!! All the guys like her. Ya know. She's just something to talk about. But yeahh. I defintly pick up what you are putting down. I get soo jealous. That's how satin gets to me. Jealousy over powers me. Don't let it get to youu(:

Are you in high school?

Kyleigh | on Oct 18, 2010

Honey...I am sure your friends see your talent and recognize that you should be on the team. Praying for you...that God would settle you in the right place and allow you to see yourself the way he sees you! Wonderful!

Anonymous | on Oct 18, 2010

Thank you(: oh and I'm in my last year of middle school

godislove | on Oct 19, 2010

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