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My faith is weak right now. If you would, please agree with my prayer:

Lord, please strengthen my faith.

Jesus, please go into my inner self and repair whatever damage from so many years ago that lead to my insecurity and fear of rejection.

Holy Spirit, please fertilize the seed of self control within me.

I know that my sin has lead to consequences to my body, mind, and spirit. The repercussions are with me always. Please Lord, I beg you...I beg you...please let the experiences change my heart, and please reverse the consequences.

Even though I've strayed, I want to believe. But I cannot do this by myself.

Please bring me a miracle tonight. Please clear the obstacles I cannot move.

I trust your Word with every fiber of my being. When this prayer community agrees with me, you will listen and respond.

Tonight, with their agreement, you will hear my cry for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Tonight I believe I will be totally and completely healed.

(please take a moment to comment. You have no idea the encouragement that your prayers bring to me in this tough time. Thank you)

by DMac1880

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You know we got you....praying for you know

Am just a nobody..try to find my way back home. | on Oct 15, 2010

Sometimes I guess we feel the same way. But ppl say I found God I am saved.. God will always forgive you for any sin remember he is our Father..As for the ones that say I have found God and been saved well I don't think God was ever lost...just waiting on u.

Anonymous | on Oct 15, 2010

God hears all prayers and I pray he heals you and helps you regain your faith! Be strong, love you!

MaRy | on Oct 15, 2010

I pray that God heals you.

Faith n Miracles | on Oct 16, 2010

It will be done. Stay strong. We have to learn to lean not to our understanding. There is a message in whatever u are going through. A message that u are going to be able to share. What is the message in ur "mess"? Be blessed. U got ur Father
(God)...ur brother (Jesus), and a best friend (the Holy Spirit)...u r good!!!!!!!

Anonymous | on Oct 16, 2010

I am choosing to believe in substance of things hoped for and evidence of things unseen. The seed of healing is growing within me. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I am excited to share my victory story for the glory of the Lord at the appropriate time. Keep em's the day.

DMac1880 | on Oct 16, 2010

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