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Papa i think i shud be more detailed when praying about this math entrance test. Okey so as Yhu know, there is FOUR parts to the exam, which i passed 2/4. I went && got even more study material yesterday & this stuff isnt hard. I just need to learn iht, i pray that the next time i take this exam i will be able to pass it all four parts of he exam. Yhu know hw much gettin into this lpn program means to me. I also pray ill get a full-time job in the mean while so i can have a couple of thousands in the bank before i start skool. Spiritually im okey. I dont fell far frm Yhu at all even doe getting close n stayin there is perfect. Papa keep my mind and thoughts safe. As well as my heart. Papa help me find a pass to pass this exam all four parts of iht, get my car back frm Fl, and get my own aprtment in west nj. In Jesus name. Amen.

by iSurrender.

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