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Jesus, for a while now I had been praying and waiting patiently for you to place a man in my life for me to love. I had been a pretty good person, never done anything really wrong. Then you placed a man in my life, who was everything I prayed for. Except that he is married. We both have relationships with you Lord, yet we both fell into temptation and he went outside the boundaries of his marriage. I am at a stand still Lord. What do I do? My heart is saying to keep loving him but my head is telling me to move on. I need you to step in Lord, please give me the strength to do what is right and the hope to move forward with my life. Amen

by faithful

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Move on! There is no blessing in adultery, and God did not send a married man to you for companionship!

lisa d | on Oct 14, 2010

GOD wouldnt have bless you with a maaried man, Remember the devil have powers to keep you in sin...... Let go and let God bless you with what he have for your life!!!
Allie B

Anonymous | on Oct 14, 2010

Im praying for u.....god didnt send a married man for u to love...god hates adultery.....I know its hard to ignore feelings but thats another women's hubby n a family n bond torn apart by this....if there's kids they suffer take it frm somebody who's been there it wont work even if he promises he loves u n he will leave im been there n my hubby did it to a women he slept around with for almost a month....Satan is trying to win u over resist tell the guy its over n dont contact him the more u do worse it will get the harder to resist n the more that family will b broken up.....I know its hard but believe me it b saving u a lot of heartache n pain n the end ......they do it with u thry do it to u.....god has someone better for u out there someone who will treat u the way u deserve to b n god.....pray without ceasing feed upon his word....n get urself out of this situation before it does damage n heartache im praying for u

Daddy\'s Girl | on Oct 14, 2010

Thanks for the advice. In my heart I know you are all right. Thanks for the prayers, support and for not judging me. God bless :)

faithful | on Oct 14, 2010

U need to run to god! Repent! Don't go to hell for some cheating man!

Anonymous | on Oct 14, 2010

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