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God i trully dont understand what it is you want me to do in this relationship with y husband. I really dont know, what it is you want me to do? When will i know when enough is enough? God i ask you for guidence and lead me to my destination with this constant arguing please you have blessed me with a beautiful family but this arguing with my husband cant be "normal" i dont want to live like this im asking for help God Im begging for help that you please do something touch him or make hi aware please because i do not want to grow old with him if this continues. I pray in your name and in your sons name Jesus amen

by cindle

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I encourage you to consider that an argument requires 2 parties. Therefore, if you cease your input to the argument it becomes one person ranting and raving. Allow your husband to rant and rave by himself. You respond with live, grace, mercy, forgiveness, patience, a quiet spirit. Soon, your husband will tire of ranting and raving. His attempts to push your buttons will fail when you respond in love.

xREBORNxOFxGODx | on Oct 13, 2010

That is so true i used to pray instead of saying anything it worked we don't fight that much anymore

Faith n Miracles | on Oct 13, 2010

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