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Dear lord idont know with my life i try 2 have faith and belive every thing will be ok. I try to be happy and enjoy life but i dont care about it anymore not like i use 2. Lord im sorry 4 that. U know i pray every night and day hoping that i will get 2 be with my kids and that their mom will talk 2 me i still love her and care and all ways will. Thats why i hate going every day without my kids and knowing if thier ok. Im alone i know ur with me but just want 2 be loved and love someone again i was happy. Please lord hear my prays amen

by justin k

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You are not alone I have three boys In florida and I am in texas I felt the same way you do now . And prayed for them every night and still felt the same .then I stated filling alone and empty .so I started praying for Jesus to fill me with his love .until I fell in love with jesus and I accepted that because I know that was one love I can not loss . Now I share that love with my kids and there mom and it makes me happy inside because with Jesus love in them I know they will asways be ok and they look forward to talking and seeing me now let me know if you need prayer or a listener I am here and im not alone and neighter are you so do not accept that in your are not alone.

Anonymous | on Oct 12, 2010

Yes brother, life is to be lived. Fill each day with praise and thanksgiving. At all circumstances acknowledge that God is in control. Trust that God blessing is permanent, be patient while God reveal His plan to you. Whatever you are feeling now cannot be compare to the joy that is coming. So be faithful. Be joyous. Rejoice in the Holy name of God:) peace be with you. Amen.

HAJ | on Oct 13, 2010

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