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Father, please give me some inspiration, a reason to move forward. I keep thinking this life is a joke an it doesn't matter. That it's like a Limbo to do good works so we can see if we pass the test when we die and see what we receive for our behavior while down here. I feel like none of my wishes matter, that wishing is selfish. I know I'm missing something so I beg you to give me understanding because I'm wasting my life and I'm afraid you think so too and of it's consequences. I love you Lord, please be patient with me.

by Anonymous

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Wish? Wishies? My friend,u don't need a wish! U need prayer.The Bible says it's pointless to wish because u need to pray with heart.Believe and a prayer will b answered.But remember somethings the answer is no.

Shannon | on Oct 11, 2010

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