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Papa, mah mom got such high expectations for me n im so pissd tht i cnt meet em. We nevastop foghtin!!!!!! I had ENOUGH!!!!! mah friends dnt wanna be here cuz mah mom dnt let us do shyt!!!! I got a curfew of 9 cuz i missd 4 hws n im in 9th grade!!!! I askd mah mom yestaday if i could have a sleep ova this weekend n she said yeah so i thought she was bein nice. I askd her tonight if i could have a sleep ova at mah friends house n she said no n we started yellin at eachothr n she pickd me up from mah friends house n she was all pissd n i told he none of mah friends dnt wanna be at mah house cuz we cnt do shyt n she got all mad n i dnt care. IM DONE! papa, plz plz plz stop tha fightin!!! I cnt hamdle it!!!!!!!

by Hope

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Cut ur mom some slack.she loves u she only wants what's best for u.ul understand when u get older...God bless

Anonymous | on Oct 09, 2010

Baby gurl aw u got 2 do is obey ur mom. I understand where ur cum'n frm czar I had 2 go through it when I wad ur age n now I'm aw grown w/ kids of ma own!!!! Lol time flies by aw fast

Mama | on Oct 09, 2010

Respect your mom and watch your language

Anonymous | on Oct 09, 2010

Honor thy mother.. she only wants the best for u hunii trust me, I know. . Friends come a dime a dozen but you only get one mom, and work on your language... I know it seems like your friends are supper cool because they get some leeway but yo mama knows what's best for you, I know it gets annoying but it is what it is, you gotta show her your responsible and respectable and you can b obedient, so when you do get to do all that stuff u Wannado she know you can handle yourself, so just try to cut your mom some slack baby girl it will get better

Anonymous | on Oct 09, 2010

Obviously, your mom knows you best. She only wants the best of everything for you. I'm worried about you and I don't even know you. But the way you talk and the way you write, you need help in more than one way. I'll pray that when you earn respect, you'll get respect. I'll pray that you start to act like you are in the 9th grade. I'll pray you understand you have no business out past 9:00 PM. I'll pray God give your mother the strength and wisdom to continue to do right by you.God

Living In The Light | on Oct 09, 2010

God bless you both!

Living In The Light | on Oct 09, 2010

Whut else do u think i need help in??

Hope | on Oct 14, 2010

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