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Lord u know i try so hard to met my sons father half way, but he makes it so impossible. All the never ends. I can accept the fact we are no longer a couple & I continue to be mature about our son. His selfish ways are really taking a toll on me. I need him to consistantly take care of our son. He is not! If I mention childsupport he gets upset. Nevermind he cheated on my the whole 6yrs we were together! Having 3 other kids that i didnt find out about till i was 5mons preganat!! And still forgave him for the sake of our son!! I have been a good women to him and will be a great mother to our son,but lord please give me strength to file these childsupport papers & deal with his anger, selfishness, and neglect!! I want so bad for him to be a part of our sons life but if he doesnt cause of these papers or if his actions & attitude changes....GIVE ME STRENGTH!! AMNE.....SIGNED A TOREN HEART!!!

by marie

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I feel where u coming frm because da same thing happened 2 me with ma kids father. All I can say is be a strong women about da situation and your prayers will be answer....;)

Mama | on Oct 09, 2010

Thank you. I have a kind heart but I feel he is takeing it for granted! My biggest fear is he won't come around anymore. He visits & gets things every now & then but I need consistancy!

marie | on Oct 09, 2010

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