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This opportunity came to me and its become a huge success for me. It truly has become my answer to financial freedom.
Goto my website n check out the opportunity
God Bless u all. May the Peace of God Regin in Ur lives

this opportunity is to good not to share. When this door opened to me i was struggling just to pay my bills. I was a supervisor at a clothing store and taking any hours i could get. Then the lord put someone in my life that showed me this:
i believe it is the perfect business, for my Texas New York Illinois Maryland and PA friends. Ready to take control of Ur financial future? U can earn unlimited income. Work flexible hours. Get paid in future for work u do now. Work from home. Spend more time with family. Its a great feeling to beable to earn unlimited residule income just by helping others save money on a product that ppl have to have every month -electricity and natural gas. U don't have to worry about inventory, deliveries, or collections. U simply enroll customers to use Ambit energy.
go ahead take a look it just might be ur answer too

by Argo

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I'm n Ohio and I was looking for online work just scared about which ones were real or scams, is there any in Ohio

grateful*n*ohio | on Oct 09, 2010

Not at the moment. We just opened up to Maryland n Pa is next. Ambit Energy is the #1 fastest growing business in the national (inc magazine ) another consultant i know lives in Virginia (they also don't have a choice of a energy retailer ) but she is doing very well with. We have a great team that is willing to help anyway we can. If u have Facebook look me up Rhonda Argo i can hook u up to the consultants n u can get a glimpse of the excitement in all of us. I don't know anyone in Maryland but have Google several numbers looks real promising. Also check out my website watch the video. N of course pray about it. Allow the Lord to lead u. Then contact me if u think u will benefit from it. Email is [email hidden from spammers]

Argo | on Oct 09, 2010

Ok I will look u up on Facebook tomorrow..thank-you

grateful*n*ohio | on Oct 09, 2010

Your welcome

Argo | on Oct 09, 2010

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