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God should provide for
Our wants

by Asore

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No just needs

Anonymous | on Oct 08, 2010

Ya just neccesatiys

Gods Little Princess | on Oct 08, 2010

It'd be selfish of us to want ANYthing of the Lord because Jesus owes us nothing. But like the hymn goes, 'Jesus gave it all...all to Him we owe'. Jesus washed ours sins clean. He didn't have to give a hoot about us sinful creatures, but the truth is he did and does and always will because of His great love for us. That's right, the Creator of the universe finds us humans to be of measurable worth! He owes us nothing, but still gives us what we need, and then some. That's an iPod you're using with this app right? That's not a need, but ya got one ;)

nothings-impossible413 | on Oct 08, 2010

God provides every need and sometimes our wants aren't what is best for us. Where your heart is and what u desire are strong indicators of where your relationship With god stands.

Anonymous | on Oct 09, 2010

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