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God this has been bothering me since I've made it home! Some people tries to take your kindness for weakness , and they think we're not human! I'll laugh with you as much as I can but when you cross the line by putting your hands on me I'm not to fun of that person anymore! Especially when your talking loud in my ear it gets aggrivating!!! You'll wonder why people don't like you because you'll put on a front saying your crazy! Everybody has an excuse for something , but I'm not falling for it! Lord please calm my nerves so I won't demonstrate any wordly doings to these people. The bad thing about it, is I'm a very nice person! Everytime I think about it , makes me want to retaliate! Lord I don't want to deal with nobody else like that because they aren't your friends! Friends don't play like that we're in highschool! Lord give me peace , oh lord give me peace! I'm your child and I should stay commited to it! I pray that I look over people like that everyday regardless of how that individual feels!


by 0reo a Living Vessel

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You're doing well. You are right where you are supposed to be. You are following Christ. The Word says-- All that will live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. We shall suffer with Him it is an honor and privilege to do so. Think of what they did to Jesus and He allowed it and took it all for our sake. They spit on Him, ridiculed Him,pulled His hair and beard out, punched Him in the face,and beat the flesh off of His back then crucified Him and He could have called out to the Father at anytime to make them stop,but He said not my will,but yours be done,Father. And He took all that for you and me so I think we can be strong enough to handle a little ridicule. If it helps any I go through the same things as you do and I TTY not to open my mouth,but it's hard not to. Sometimes I say things I regret. It's best not to say anything. Just say God bless you and go on.%uE41D

LeoDsaint | on Oct 07, 2010

Well said leodsaint!

DreamzR4Life | on Oct 07, 2010

Thank you so much;) God bless you also;)

0reo a Living Vessel | on Oct 10, 2010

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