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Dear god, I just wanna say thank you and to those wonderful people that are praying for my 5 year old, i am really thanksful that are still amazing people. God bless all of you and please keep praying for my son...Amen...

by Mario L

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Dear Father, please touch this wonderful little 5 year old and heal him and his little heart from whatever he may need. Thank you Lord and bless him through his journey of growing up. Amen

Anonymous | on Oct 06, 2010

Father Father, let your angels surround this little boy, let him be peaceful, let his family have preparation however i know this is very strong 5 year old boy, i do not know what he or his family is going through but i know you favor this child. For he is a child of yours and not the enemy Father, shower them with blessings, oh Father God. Remind them that your mercy endured them forever and ever Father. Let this boy be well rested and have a speedy recovery Father God. I know they love you and so do I. So we Pray this is Jesus name. Amen, Amen and Amen!!!

estee | on Oct 06, 2010

Anonymous person, I know that god sent you from heaven so that you can pray for my 5 yo son,and for that I wanna thank u with all my heart. God bless u always...

Mario L | on Oct 06, 2010

Estee, in this beautiful day that our father gave us, I wanna thank u so much for praying for my 5 yo boy. God bless u always...

Mario L | on Oct 06, 2010

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