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Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom (SS 2:15).

In any relationship, be it with God, be it marital, be it with kids or siblings, there are little things that come up and will compound into big things. They will creep into your relationships unnoticed at first because they are small and subtle like little foxes, watchout for such things. These little things, if left unchecked, will ruin the vineyards of your relationships that are in bloom and spoil the fruit of your harvest. One little fox could be the lack of family prayer, or church attendance. Another is not actively listening to your spouse and supplying each other's needs. Or one could be not taking a real interest in the things that are important to your children. Watchout for these little foxes, catch them and throw them out of your vineyards.

Heavenly Father help us not to be caught unaware of the things that spoil our relationship with you and those we love. May we be diligent in protecting our vineyards, those relationships you have given us and we cherish. Please repair any broken or strained relationships today, in Jesus name I pray amen.

by Dominion Connection

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Great prayer. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous | on Oct 06, 2010

Boy did i need this today just wish id have read it before i made a dumb decision this morning. This blessed me thank you. Ill read it everttime my mind wants to wander back to that person. Thnknyou jesus

mm | on Oct 06, 2010

Great analogy and prayer. I have been following you and your prayers have given me great encouragement. Thank you

Eagerly Learning | on Oct 06, 2010

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