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God I'm so tired. My mind, body, emotional self, and heart ache with heavy weight. Lord, all I want is to live for give my whole self to you. Lord in my reach to reach others I'm growing tired, even angry! I feel consumed and surrounded by extreme immaturity.. young men and women who thurst for drama and live for hate. They drink grosip and stink of hate, anger, and self-centeredness. They get their pleasures through mindless sex, abuse of their bodies, and degrading of their whole self..they're like a black hole being sure nothing around them with any light survives. And I call these people my friends and teammates!!! God I do give all of me to you. Lord I pray you may lift me up..that you may give me strength to walk with you as I must. Lord guide my path.. keep me free of the dead life. Father strengthen me! Lord I trust in you to avail the avail my team and teammates from the blindness gripping them. God I pray for this team and a search for a new xc Coach. Lord pray your ever creating and saving hand be at work for everyone in this community. AMEN.

by Caz

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Hey. I see you are following Jesus and longing for his heart. I was at a point similar where my entire puppet ministry team didn't care about the ministry at all. Idk what kind of team this is but if you stay true and it goes to slop, as long as you remain faithful to the king, you will be rewarded. Read Galatians 6:9. I would also encourage you to listen to Judah smiths sermon the other side (iTunes podcast which are free). Never give up man. Keep prayin. He is with u even to the end of the earth!

RobHash | on Oct 05, 2010

I have been praying and following your prayers for a few months. I see your faith, now rest in your trust in God. He loves you, He has great plans for you. Doubt and worry is the opposite of faith.... Choose what you will believe, then remain there unshaken. Get ready to take back what the enemy has stolen from you! Rise up!!

Chaplain | on Oct 06, 2010

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