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I sinned huge again today and I feel like God is just getting tired of me because I feel nothing anymore im not ashamed I'm not feeling love I'm feeling lonely and scarred that God his fed up with me please pray I don't know what to ask you to pray for please just keep me in your prayers

by Anonymous

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Hay, ask GOD to restore that love u once had for him aman. He will. I think David prayed that prayer ASWELL

DJ B TESTED | on Oct 05, 2010

You sin because you haven't fully whole hearted gave everything over to Jesus...because if you keep trying to do it on your own It would never happen.....ill pray that you have strength to stop the sin after you have gave it up to God " the whole pin and top not just the top"

cierra | on Oct 05, 2010

God doesnt get fed up with us. Dont u think he know what are gonna do in the future? Of course he does. We may need to "go thru backslidden state" in order to realize he changes us and we rely only in him, not our ability to "please"him. Thats not a gren lite to sin, but we will always be imperfect till the day we die. The father sees us perfect thru Jesus, if we love and believe his life, not by our works. We love you, u are one of us, and we to are like you. May the spirit give u wisdom thruout life. Stay humble and alwYs turn to the lord, he will be there, 70*7 and more. Peace

the highroad [email hidden from spammers] | on Oct 05, 2010

Father bless your child with the strength to do right, the conviction of your Holy Spirit to stop them from doing wrong and the faith needed to trust you to win over sin and satan. Restore the Joy of their salvation and fill them with your spirit. Clothe them with your righteousness and gird them with your full armor, amen. Pray Psalm 51 with all your heart and He will restore. God Bless, I am praying for you.

In His Service | on Oct 05, 2010

God doesn't count sins. He isn't a score keeper. Sin makes us dirty and makes us feel like we cannot come to God. That's why he hates it. It separates us from him. When our sin was deeper than the ocean his grace is deeper still. I have my sin problems just like everyone else but in the name of Jesus we are overcomers! Focus on the Glory of his Majesty. I found out when I stoped being Good and started being GODS everyhing else fell in place. I'm praying for you. Read ur word and listen to Godly music. ('til I got to know u. By. Sanctus Real) check it out

RobHash | on Oct 05, 2010

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