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Im really struggling today. The devil keeps wanting me to contact that person again and that will drag me back into sin. I want to stay away but i still care so much even tho its wrong. Im hurting becuz i just left no goodbye no explanation and i know we are both hurting about it. Even tho we both knew it would have to end one day. I had to cut them completely out of my life before it could destroy my family and life. Ineed strength to stay away. Looking back will put me rite back in the midst of sin. Please pray for me.

by mm

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I was in the same situation last year. I'm still getting over it. Its become easier now that he knocked up my ex best friend.. how ironic huh?.. I wish you luck. It will be a painful journey but will get better.. there's always a storm before a rainbow. Much love in Christ..

My prayers are with you during this hard time.

k[email hidden from spammers] | on Oct 05, 2010

I was in the same situation just couple weeks ago. I had to leave because i know he's not good for me, so far I'm still struggling to move on but it has been a little bit easier now. It's hard as is it but brace yourself and just keep praying that God will send you people to comfort and be there for you when you miss that person because it's going to happen a lot... you can do it though. I'm trying hard to forget but memories keep haunting me... you can make it through... I am hoping it gets better for you...

jean | on Oct 05, 2010

A lil easier but when im alone the memiries kill me. Im trying to let god heal me snd get me thrilough. What hurts is feeling here i am in pain and hes just fine and moving on like he never cared. While i still feel all this emotion and live for him. Wrong or not its still
here. Pray god takes it all away so i can mend and be happy

mm | on Oct 11, 2010

I pray for you as I do for me. it's gonna be really hard but keep holding on to Him & He will comfort you like He comforts me. I'm still having the loneliness but not as bad as when it just happened. I will pray for you that God will bless you, if he doesn't care & has moved on, let it be, maybe it's for the best... it's exactly what I do & right now I am sure it's the only best thing you should do too. Just pray that God sends you somebody you deserve that will care & love you for you, that's what I pray for me... good luck!

jean | on Oct 19, 2010

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